With Love

With Love

Monday, June 16, 2008


So I feel inspired, and more or less that i should do something productive with my life so here goes: I am going to build another chapbook, however it will be composed of my own short stories and poems. but I do have one question if anyone could answer? Is it plagiarism, or how do I avoid plagiarism, but snatching an existing comic strip and deleting the blurbs in order to replace them with my own? Any way here is a sneak peak poem:

And in the End
Corners in the sleeve of things called for sweat and smell,
A salad of smell.

The Round made toward a neck
Filled with ice-warmed liquid under blue flame.

I tingled as turns crack.
As do metatarsals crack,
Under hammered weight.

There is a great popping,
Clearing from the throat of my glass.

A hair on end meets a discontented heir of
Hope and Chance.
Everyone named this period of time,
This wasting of second to minute,
and hour-by-hour, to minute,
only to find another piles on top of another,
and 365 of these we call a year.
Ten will be the decade.
and in between the white edged waves will flush themselves into sand,
and age will beat upon time as wave ruffles with sand.

I chiseled you out of gold,
Out of gold,
Your eyes bleed his blackness.

If this is heaven,
Than let me live again.
And keep the gates open
As I weep my way toward center stage.