With Love

With Love

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Social Viablity

Put a basket full of dead puppies in the stuffed animal section of a toy store.
Watch the kiddes pile in to play with them.

People make the best piƱatas.
Stuff them full of candy and beat them until they break.

Artificially inseminate a cat with horse semen.
Watch the baby abort its mother.

Sew together the dead carcasses found on the side of the road as a flag.
Mount the carcass flag on a pole and chant “The Pledge of Allegiance” while selling your little sister on E-bay as “used parts”.

Crucify Mother Teresa, upside down and on top of the Dodge Ram tattooed with the words “Balls Deep”.
Parade the vehicle around early Sunday morning, sporadically pressing a button which triggers a flame to shoot out of Mother Teresa’s ass.

Erect a statue of G. W. B butt-fucking the United States of America while snorting a line of coke off its back.
Have him holding an oil can in one hand and a crumbling United Nations in the other.

Place this statue in Texas.

Nuke the world, leaving only the shadows of our existence.
But, line up the people so that once the bomb is dropped our ashes will spell out
“Game Over”.


Men gargled “gay” in a gaggle of marmalade.
Greed-Lender, “My dagger ran mad and lame!”
Mail my nerd a mind.
Garden lager in a yam!
Lend me a deed.
Rail Glenda Mad.
Lend me manner in a middle landing, and rain alien lard.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Check one... Check two...